I have had the pleasure of a long and successful collaboration with VIPpharma/ Vibeke Kjær Wærens for almost 2 years, constituting more than 2000 consultancy hours. In the department Vibeke has supported with a wide range of tasks from leading processes, writing SOPs to oversight of CMO activities. In all tasks Vibeke is working extremely structured, diligent and with substantial experience and seniority. Vibekes background both as specialist and leader is clearly manifested in the way she approaches the individual tasks, but also leads others in teams working on a new SOP or process. In that capacity Vibeke has been a highly valued support to me as leader of the department.

Having Vibeke as a consultant has allowed us to support activities at all levels with a director level resource, which has had significant impact on our ability to maintain timelines, to be agile in our adaptation to changes, and ultimately develop our projects with aggressive timelines, at a high level of compliance and diligence.
In every task Vibeke has undertaken she has worked diligently, effectively, and it has been a privilege to be able to tap into her experience both as specialist and leader within analytical, stability and QA. Vibeke works very independently, but at the same time always makes sure that there is alignment on priorities and the effort to be spend on each task. Vibeke also very consistently reports back on progress and tasks, and it has always been very transparent how hours were spent.

As a person, Vibeke is very well liked by her colleagues, and is able to work with everybody, and she was highly valued for her team spirit, good humour and constructive and supportive attitude. As department manager I always had complete trust in Vibeke and her integrity both with regards to internal and external contacts, and I give my very best and sincere recommendations to Vibeke. I am available as a reference for Vibeke.

Jette Wagtberg Sen
Senior Director, Analytics and Formulation, Symphogen A/S-  LinkedIn

For the team “QA for QC”, we have had Vibeke Kjær Wærens to help us in a period where we lacked resources. With great quality understanding and analysis insight, Vibeke has managed to solve the tasks purposefully and focused on a high level. We have thus had a positive, inspiring and rewarding cooperation with Vibeke over the last six months. Vibeke has been able to quickly enter the organization and has entered as a natural part of the team. Vibeke has also proved to be very well-liked and respected in the collaboration with other employees outside QA. Vibeke is present and committed and has in her own quiet and pleasant way an incredible ability to enter into an interaction where it is needed. I can therefore highly recommend Vibeke Wærens to solve all QA QC related tasks.

Dorthe Bruun
former Teamleader, Quality Research and Development, ALK-Abelló A/S – LinkedIn 


Vibeke Kjær Wærens has provided consultancy services in connection with making QC Development ready for Pre-Approval Inspections from FDA. In the periode, Vibeke has prepared deviation reports including related CAPA’s. In addition, internal audits were performed and the quality system in the department was upgraded. Due to Vibekes large experience and knowledge within the laboratory area, the employees in the department received a lot of support and guidance. Vibeke handled the tasks with positive energy and great efficiency. There is not a finger to put on the effort Vibeke gave during the period she was with us. In particular, I would like to emphasize Vibeke’s unique ability to become a natural and almost indispensable part of the department in a very short space of time.

Anne P. Schwartz
former Director, Analytical Development, ALK A/S –  LinkedIn


Vibeke is a very talented mentor who, with patience and dedication, knows how to get someone to see new opportunities and believe in them! In 2017/2018 I have been in mentoring programme with Vibeke mentor, and I feel incredibly privileged. Vibeke understands how to listen and hear / capture the small nuances, where you open up your inner desires. In her very special quiet, thoughtful and clever way, she helps turn the focus on precisely the wishes and dreams, and makes it seem so logical which way to go. I had not been where I am today without my mentoring with Vibeke.

Lene Havsteen
Mentee  –  LinkedIn

Vibeke guided me in career and professional development for one year as part of a formal mentoring program. She is insightful, respectful and highly dedicated. She is a focused listener with exceptional communication skills. Her feed-back is always straight to the point and she has a fantastic ability to ask the right questions with perfect timing. Importantly, she has a great personality and is very easy to work. She has my deepest respect and I would enjoy working with her professionally.

Henrik Tang Vestergaard
Mentee  –  LinkedIn

I have had the great pleasure of working with Vibeke for almost 3 years. Vibeke has been employed as a consultant on specific strategic assignments and has been responsible as project manager for two projects. Through both projects, Vibeke has, with great energy and professionalism, made sure to assemble the threads and has helped us achieve the goals – on time. Through her positive approach, Vibeke has managed to create a project organization where everyone contributes and works as a team towards a common goal. Vibeke works proactively, which has contributed significantly to minimizing waste of time and frustrations in the organization. By always being a step ahead, Vibeke has considered many discussions and facilitated necessary decisions – without compromising timelines or GMP/legislation. Vibeke’s knowledge is highly respected and has created great security for all of us. I can only – on behalf of the Management Group in Takeda Operations-DK – give Vibeke the best recommendations for future tasks.

Betina Kjær Christensen
former Plant Director Operation-DK, Takeda Pharma A/S –  LinkedIn