Vibeke Kjær Wærens is a volunteer mentor in PharmaDanmark’s mentoring program. The purpose of the mentoring program is to create networking relationships across seniority and fields of work to assist the mentee to gain greater insight and opportunity for personal development and career development. Each mentoring program runs over one year; this gives plenty of time to take an in-dept look at the mentee’s development process and give feedback and new inputs to career, professional personality and development of current, and maybe even new competencies.

Vibeke Kjær Wærens has been a mentor for PharmaDanmark since 2009, when the mentoring program was started as a pilot project. The very positive feedback shows that all Vibekes mentor programs have been a great success with benefits for the mentees.

For application to PharmaDanmark’s mentoring program please see link.

PharmaDanmark will match mentor and mentee based on the applied information.

VIPpharma offers similar mentoring programs with Vibeke Kjær Wærens as mentor. Please to contact Vibeke for an offer and inspiration for a mentoring program customized to fit you and the topics you want to develop.